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Introducing Dr. Deborah “Dr. DJ” Johnson-Blake, the CEO of The Writing Pad, LLC and the face of her brand, The Time Management Diva, as this week's Business Spotlight.

While time management is critical to planning a productive day, many people who attempt to manage time and get more done each day often fail because they do not plan accordingly. Dr. DJ has experienced similar challenges as a paralegal before it came full circle in 1992 when she failed to file a personal injury legal compliant within a two-year statute of limitations. After allowing this mistake to haunt her for years, she eventually earned my Master of Public Administration and Doctor of Management and presented her thesis, and defended her dissertation that focused on the impact time management has on organizational success and leadership. Now, she helps leaders and organizations learn effective time management techniques to be more productive and efficient time managers. 

Dr. DJ is a best-selling author, and her most recent books are entitled 52 Time Management H.A.C.K.S.: Hacking Actions to Conquer and Kick Life’s Setbacks and Being the Best You: Intentional Journaling and Planning to Take Back Your Time. Dr. Johnson-Blake provides weekly time management tips every Tuesday on social media. You can follow Dr. Deborah Johnson-Blake on social at @djohnsonblake. Visit to order your autographed copy of her new book and ways she can help you become more time-efficient. 

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